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Commercial Food Cleaning Services

Keep Your Work Area Clean with Industrial Cleaning

Food safety is of the highest importance, especially in manufacturing facilities that produce a large number of products each day. One contaminated machine, a dirty work surface, or unsafe handling technique can potentially affect every person the compromised food comes into contact with. If this happens at your facility, you risk large recalls, loss of revenue, and possibly lawsuits from those affected by the contaminated food. Proper industrial cleaning techniques can prevent all of these issues from occurring at your facility. At Fayette Industrial, our team is fully trained at providing thorough cleaning of industrial food production equipment, as well as any work surfaces, floors, and walls in your facility. By cleaning every single component of the work area, we ensure all harmful particles and germs are eradicated and leave you to safe food production. Call us today to discuss your business needs.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Since the mid-1800s, food safety has been regulated in some form in the United States. Though these regulations were once the responsibility of local and state regulators, the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Acts in 1906, made it more of a federal responsibility. Since then the federal government has taken on a major role in protecting consumers from unsafe food or misleading packaging. Now, it’s required that all food production facilities adhere to food Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

As a member of the food production community, you need to ensure your facility is following all of the GMPs set forth by the federal government. The practices have been updated to adapt to changes in production technology, automation, and newly recognized pathogens. Periodic audits are carried out to ensure facilities throughout the country are in line with the current practices and are producing safe food for consumers. At Fayette Industrial, we’ll help to ensure you’re ready for these audits whenever they happen by keeping your facility clean and sanitary. We fully understand the procedures and cleanliness required by current government standards and audits covering SQF and AIB standards.

Cleaning Facilities Large and Small

Our team of industrial cleaning contractors is able to help companies of all sizes keep their spaces clean and ready for safe production. Our sanitation services have been used by some of the largest food manufacturers in the country as well as many smaller food processing plants. These smaller manufacturers find it easiest to work with us because they do not have the budget for an in-house sanitation staff. This means they have no one specifically designated to the job of cleaning the facility and machinery and providing the necessary documentation required by law. We are equipped with the latest industrial cleaning equipment to ensure your facility meets the GMPs set by the government. We’re able to provide cleaning service on very short notice and at competitive rates. Our crews operate as self-directed providers of small specific projects up to entire facility cleaning. In most cases, we provide our clients with money-saving opportunities through efficient use of trained labor and cleaning materials.

Wet vs. Dry Cleaning for Your Facility

Different types of food production facilities will require different cleaning methods in order to get the best result. Our team will be able to determine the best method of cleaning for your facility based on what type of goods you are producing. Regular cleaning of your equipment will not only ensure food safety and sanitation but will also help to improve the lifespan of the equipment itself. This will save you money on expensive repairs and prevent any hiccups in your production line, as dirty equipment can jam or malfunction. We are equipped with the appropriate tools to provide both wet and dry cleaning techniques depending on your production needs.

  • Wet cleaning methods: This technique usually uses a combination of water and special cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean equipment. You’ll most often find wet methods being used in meat processing plants to remove loose debris. Later we’ll intensify this method to remove the sticky layers of residue that have built up due to fats and proteins.
  • Dry cleaning methods: Most often used in facilities that produce dry goods, this method often uses compressed air to blow food particles out of machinery in a controlled manner, preventing it from just flying about and landing elsewhere. This method is also used in facilities where machinery cannot get wet.

Call the Experts

In the food industry, it’s important to ensure that your facility stays clean and sanitized, so you’re able to produce safe food products for consumers. If you’re a new food production company or are established but are looking to pass this responsibility to a third-party contractor, Fayette Industrial is the team for the job. Our contract cleaning rates are some of the best in the business, and we’ve worked with some of the largest names in food processing. We’ll ensure your facility is clean and meets all the government requirements when it’s time for your audit. Call us today to discuss the needs of your business.

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