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Off-site Maintenance and Cleaning Support

We Provide Off-Site Maintenance and Cleaning Support

Fayette Industrial is your answer for all cleanliness and sanitation requirements in industrial settings. In addition to our many on-site food sanitation services, we are now able to offer off-site maintenance and cleaning support services at our new corporate facility. This includes the maintenance of machinery and cleaning components of your production equipment. Working from our corporate facility allows us to clean your components in a controlled environment, ensuring they meet our high standards before being returned to you. We’ll handle your items with care, thoroughly clean them, and return them back to you as good as new. Contact us today to learn more about these services.

In all of our work, the goal of our team at Fayette Industrial remains the same: to provide our customers with the highest quality sanitation services for their food processing or industrial business. A clean workspace makes the world a safer place for employees and for consumers who buy the products. Clean floors prevent slip and fall hazards. Clean equipment runs more accurately and safely and also lasts longer. In turn, a clean workspace and clean food processing equipment ensure food does not come into contact with harmful contaminants that could make consumers sick. This also helps you keep a good reputation and prevents complaints or even lawsuits from consumers. All of our services are aimed at providing safer food products across the country, and that includes our off-site services performed at our corporate facility. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Off-Site Maintenance

Among our many other services, Fayette Industrial also provides off-site maintenance of machinery for those facilities that require it. These maintenance services take place at our new corporate facility and are provided in a timely and consistent manner to meet your exact maintenance specifications. Are you looking for a source to kit parts for JIT (Just in Time) delivery to your facility? We can help with that, too. We’re able to group and package items together and get them to your location quickly.

Cleaning Support for Machinery Components

Are you in the process of rebuilding machinery at your industrial facility? If so, this could be a good time to give all components a thorough cleaning before putting them back together. At Fayette Industrial, our cleaning support services allow you to get your components professionally cleaned at our top-notch facility. We’ll complete the cleaning in a timely and consistent manner following your exact specifications. There are just some nooks and crannies that cannot be completely reached while machinery is still together, so we take this time to clean deep. This gets out even the tiniest particles of dirt, dust, grease, or any other byproduct residue. When your parts are returned to you, you can be assured they are completely clean and ready to get back to work for you. These thorough cleanings will help to ensure your machinery runs safely and effectively for years to come.

Temporary Relief When Your Facility is Busy

Do you have a current in-staff cleaning crew that simply can’t keep up with the demands of your workload at the moment? During busy spikes, it’s easy for your sanitation staff to become overwhelmed. Increased production means your machines are working harder, producing more byproduct, and requiring more regular cleanings. When your staff is overworked, things can fall by the wayside, leading to a less thorough job and compromising the quality and safety of your product. That’s where we come in. Fayette Industrial can step during busy spikes to take some of the workload off of your crew. We’ll clean whatever components or machinery your in-house staff can’t get to and allow your facility to stay clean even during busy periods.

Long Term Solution to Poor Cleaning Methods

Are you currently not experiencing the level of cleanliness you’d like to see in your facility? If you have a team of in-house cleaners that aren’t keeping your machinery as clean as you’d like or you’ve contracted with a different third-party company that can’t deliver the quality you want, it may be time to make a change. Fayette Industrial can provide long-term cleaning support for your machinery and your entire facility. Our staff is fully trained in the many requirements of food safety and handling, allowing them to provide industrial cleaning service to keep your area up to these standards. We’re able to clean all areas of your entire production facility, starting with the high overhead spaces, like rafters, ductwork, and piping. Then we’ll work our way down the walls, and move onto your work surfaces and machinery, and finishing with the floors. We’ll ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to the thoroughness of our cleaning services. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your industrial space.

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