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Over time, dust and debris from manufacturing operations collects on overhead pipes, ductwork, light fixtures, structural steel, ceiling plenums, etc.

High Overhead Cleaning from Fayette Industrial

Good manufacturing practices (GMP's) include a systematic approach and documented Master Sanitation schedule that addresses proper cleaning of these overhead areas in food manufacturing and food related manufacturing.

Fayette personnel have been trained to clean overhead contamination from trusses, rafters, pipes, etc. in all types of environments. Our OSHA certified lift training ensures your production area is safe and free of contamination during the cleaning process.

Plant equipment and machinery is fully protected during the cleaning process. Those areas not included in the project will be isolated to protect against cross contamination.

Maintaining a trained, qualified internal sanitation workforce tends to be an expensive alternative to selecting a qualified contractor to provide this service on a scheduled basis.

Fayette can provide this service when you need it avoiding any risk of production disruption or product contamination recall. Contact us to request more information about our AIB audit preparation services.

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