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Improve Your Workspace with High Overhead Cleaning

Industrial spaces require a lot of cleaning and maintenance to keep them safe for workers and up to government standards. Large, open areas that have a lot of daily traffic, like warehouses and production plants, quickly accumulate dust and dirt, as well as byproducts from production operations. Without regular cleaning, this accumulation of dirt can lead to costly safety violations. Not to mention it can increase your number of workplace injuries or illnesses.

Your team may be able to keep up with cleaning the floors and machinery on the ground, but have you thought about overhead areas, like light fixtures, ductwork, rafters, or pipes? These areas can accumulate loads of contaminants which your heating or cooling system then blows around your facility, decreasing the air quality and potentially contaminating your product. This issue is even more serious for food production plants. At Fayette Industrial, we provide high overhead cleaning services in order to clean up those hard to reach areas and keep your space sanitized. We’ll set up a regular schedule for your facility in order to keep you compliant with all government regulations. Call us today to learn more.

We Clean Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Many industrial spaces have extremely high ceilings, and from these ceilings hang multiple things that can collect dust, dirt and production byproduct. Trusses, rafters, pipes, and ductwork, and even the ceiling and walls themselves are all prime areas for dust to settle and make their home. In order to stay in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), these areas, along with all other areas of your facility, need to be cleaned regularly. Fayette Industrial has a team of professionals thoroughly trained in the procedures to clean overhead areas following GMP guidelines. We have the needed lift equipment that allows our workers access to these hard-to-reach places safely while still cleaning them effectively. We’ll work around your production schedule, so work won’t be interrupted, and you won’t get behind.

Using Specialized Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

Our team is equipped with all of the appropriate equipment to thoroughly clean your industrial overhead spaces. We use the appropriate lifts to safely elevate our workers to the level of your ceiling. All of our staff undergoes OSHA certified lift training to ensure that your workspace is safe while we complete our work. There’s no need to worry about debris falling and resting on your machinery either. Before we begin our work, plant equipment and machinery will be fully covered to protect it while we clean. Any areas that are not included in the cleaning project will be isolated in order to protect against cross-contamination. Each staff member completing cleaning will be equipped with a specialty industrial sweeper to remove and capture dust and contaminant particles from all overhead structures. We have a very thorough process to ensure that your area gets the cleaning it needs to meet all safety requirements.

An Affordable Alternative

By allowing Fayette Industrial to complete high overhead cleaning for you, you save money. Hiring a third-party company prevents you from having to staff and train an in-house sanitation team. Since the cleaning process is highly specialized, it would take many hours to keep a new team trained and ready for the process. Instead, when you hire us, we come to you fully trained and ready to complete the job immediately. We also come with all of our own equipment, so you won’t have to invest in your own cleaning supplies. All you have to do is leave everything to us, and we’ll ensure the work is completed for you.

Remove Combustible Dust from Your Facility

A buildup of dust and debris in your industrial facility is a major safety concern. Many manufacturing processes create combustible dust that increases your risk of safety hazards, like fires and even explosions. Even materials that may seem harmless can create flammable dust. Some of the main products that are capable of creating hazardous dust include coal, flour, grain, metals, spices, starch, sugar, tobacco, and wood. The best solution to managing the risk of combustible dust is regular cleaning from a qualified industrial cleaner. We’ll ensure all dust and dirt is removed from the overhead areas of your facility, helping you keep your space safe for everyone.

Keep Your Employees Healthy

Dust, dirt and other airborne particles can greatly reduce the quality of your indoor air. These harmful particles get blown around and circulated through your facility by the heating or cooling system, meaning anyone in your space can come into contact with them. Allowing these particles to rest on your overhead systems, lighting, or pipes creates the opportunity for them to contaminate your product or even infect your workers. Poor air quality can lead to unhealthy employees, and that means more sick time, less efficiency, and slower production times. Investing in a cleaner facility will help keep your employees healthy, allowing you to stay on schedule. Let Fayette Industrial help you keep your workspace clean for everyone.

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