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Food Hygiene - Contract Cleaning

With all the current focus on providing government control over food processing operations and management fears of a dreaded recall, using a contracted food plant cleaning service like Fayette can be an immediate solution by outsourcing sanitation.

Maintain Food Hygiene by Fayette IndustrialBringing your operation up to full compliance with regulations without adding additional sanitation staff may be your best decision. Outsourcing sanitation provides a solution with known costs versus the long-term variable costs associated with adding sanitation staff.

Fayette can provide a single clean solution or help add to your current staff size with a predicable cost. Whether the required cleaning takes place during regular hours, weekend hours or Holidays, Fayette’s rates remain the same providing a solution with a predictable cost.

Whether you need emergency cleaning, short term additional staff or a full time sanitation crew, Fayette can provide trained, capable staff ready to work. We can also provide a self-directed solution or provide staff to work under your supervision.

Consider challenging Fayette to support your daily needs or managing your next food plant sanitation project regardless of size, difficulty, or urgency. You will be pleased with our response and price.

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