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There are many companies selling consulting on food plant sanitation cleaning, cleaning chemicals or special designed machines which are “easily” cleaned, but few companies offer hands on cleaning with a trained workforce.

Contract Sanitation Cleaning Services at Fayette IndustrialSome of the companies that provide this cleaning service either use minimum wage workers, or worse, use daily temporary labor that has no training in cleaning and sanitizing complex equipment.

Food manufacturers, like many other manufacturing companies, are facing cost issues. Reducing in-house sanitation employees, who are generally not very productive, becomes an opportunity to achieve a cost savings through outsourcing sanitation.

Fayette has the skills and training to best utilize how labor, chemicals and supplies are used. Food plant sanitation cleaning is our full-time focus and we have developed many processes that provide our customers with safe, effective and productive cleaning.

Fayette has the staff to provide service when you want without the hassle of training your internal crews, turning your variable costs into a fixed and predictable cost. Contact us to request more information about our contract sanitation services.

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