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SQF Food Audit Preparation

Increasingly, retail buyers are turning to Safe Quality Food (SQF) audits, a fully integrated safety and quality management protocol designed specifically for the food sector.

Safe Quality Food Audits of Fayette IndustrialAs one of a handful of companies licensed under SQFI worldwide, we have the expertise and resources to audit suppliers and certify they meet SQF standards.

SQF audits are demanded by companies like Wal-Mart, Kroger, Schnucks etc. Food manufacturers cannot risk not passing an audit due to the negative effect it can have on future business from these customers.

Compared to more traditional industry audits, SQF is more rigorous as it requires a strict approval process for auditors, classification of auditors by food sector and identification of a SQF trained expert by the company undergoing certification. The assessment process is also more rigorous, since in addition to the certification audit a preliminary review of system documentation and a program of routine surveillance audits is required.

Auditors must be affiliated with an accredited certification body that complies with ISO Guide 65 standards on product and process certification. This degree of accreditation and certification are unique features not found in many other programs. The SQF process is more comprehensive and designed to ensure companies maintain high standards for food safety certification.

With all this additional burden of record keeping, constant update training of in-house sanitation work crews, poor productivity and fixed cost of maintaining an internal sanitation workforce make a competent contractor a desirable and fixed-cost solution.

Fayette has the skills and effective work crews to deliver this service. Contact us to request more information about our SQF food audit preparation services.

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