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Some companies require that all of their suppliers, whether they make hamburger buns or napkins, be audited by AIB. Scoring high on an AIB audit shows that a supplier complies with food safety regulations and is committed to providing safe, high quality food products to consumers.

AIB Audit Preparation Services by Fayette IndustrialOther companies, such as packaging suppliers, become AIB audit customers because they are committed to doing all they can to provide clean, safe products. For them, scoring well on an AIB audit is something that warrants a press release and often provides them with a competitive advantage. Sharing their AIB audit results with a potential customer demonstrates their dedication to providing safe, superior products.

Whether you are a food manufacturer or a food distributor, Fayette has the experience to make recommendations and actually provide a "turn key" solution to preparing your facility for an audit. Fayette's trained staff will provide cleaning solutions when you need them allowing you to focus on other business issues.

Whether your need is to have a complete facility clean or support your in-house team in preparing for an audit, Fayette can help. Contact us to request more information about our AIB audit preparation services.

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