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Safe Quality Food Certification in Memphis

Preparation for SQF Audit

In order to be successful in the food production or processing business, you must be able to pass all audits and site inspections. Without the “all-clear” from the required agencies, big-name retailers, like grocery stores and supercenters, won’t carry your food items in their stores for fear of selling unsafe food to consumers. This makes passed audits and inspections paramount to the continued production of your products and continued revenue for your business. At Fayette Industrial, we provide industrial audit preparation for food production plants and meat processing facilities throughout the United States. Our team is fully trained on all the latest government and agency regulations, so you can be assured that we will fully prepare your facility to pass your upcoming audit or inspection. Call us today to set up a time for us to visit your site for a cleaning. We’ll work around your schedule to prevent interruptions in your production.

Meet Strict Guidelines of the GMA

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) requires all food handling and preparation facilities to adhere to strict guidelines. These guidelines were put in place to ensure that all food sold in stores is safe for consumers to eat. If you don’t secure the stamp of approval from the GMA, major grocery stores will not pick up your product line to sell in their stores. The success of your brand relies heavily on whether you’re able to pass a GMA audit. But don’t fret, because Fayette Industrial is here to help you do just that. With extensive experience in all things food sanitation, our team has knowledge of all agency requirements, so you can pass your audit and start selling your items or continue to sell them safely. We maintain a high attention to detail on all aspects of your facility. Nothing will be left untouched or uncleaned when we’re done with your audit preparation.

What We Can Do to Prepare You for an Audit

Sanitary food handling doesn’t just happen. It’s something that food production plants across the country work hard at every day. The government regulations you must meet are strict, and the rules can’t be bent. That’s why when you know you have an inspection or audit coming up, your facility has got to be at the top of its game. At Fayette Industrial, we provide you with thorough cleaning services and a turnkey solution to preparing for your upcoming audit or site visit. With our help, you’re sure to meet all required food safety guidelines or impress your corporate officers. We’ve worked with some of the top food production companies in the United States and can offer our services to food production lines as well as meat processing plants. Our audit preparation services include:

  • Cleaning of food processing and production line equipment
  • Cleaning of conveyors, grates, and handling equipment
  • High overhead cleaning of light fixtures, ductwork, fans, pipes, rafters, etc.
  • Dust management
  • Cleaning of preparation surface areas

We Can Support Your In-House Team

Do you already have an in-house sanitation team? We can work in conjunction with this team to get your site up to code in time for your audit. We know that your crews are busy, and it can be difficult to keep up, especially at inspection time. That’s why we offer support for your sanitation staff in times of need. Our team will work right alongside yours to ensure the work gets done for your audit. By increasing your manpower on this front, you can rest assured that your facility will be cleaned and ready to go, leaving you to focus on other important aspects of the business.

Preparation for SQF Audit

Many large retail buyers, like those from Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Schnucks rely on Safe Quality Food (SQF) audits to inform them about the safety of food products. This audit is a fully integrated safety and quality management protocol that has been created specifically for the food sector. At Fayette Industrial, we are one of only a few companies licensed under SQFI worldwide, giving us the knowledge required to audit suppliers and certify they meet SQF standards. With this expertise in our back pocket, we are more than prepared to get your food plant ready for an SQF audit.

Preparation for AIB Audit

Many companies throughout the country require all of their suppliers to be audited by AIB, regardless of what type of product they produce. Scoring high on this audit is a big win for your company, as it shows you comply with food safety regulations and are committed to proving safe products to consumers. Not to mention that a high score is often newsworthy and can give you a competitive advantage over others in your industry. We can help you get ready for an AIB audit by taking a look at the current state of your facility, making any recommendations for cleaner production, and provide turnkey cleaning services. If you’re preparing your facility for an audit, be sure to call the experts in all things food sanitation at Fayette Industrial.

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