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Meat/Poultry Contract Cleaning FAQ

Fayette Industrial Keeps Your Food Processing Plant Clean

When you need assistance protecting your employees and customer-base from potentially dangerous diseases after handling meat and poultry, call on Fayette Industrial. Our professional staff knows how to clean and sanitize all food processing equipment. We have studied the required standards from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to understand how to best help your company. We help keep your production line and facilities in compliance, cleaned, and sanitized.

Whether you need us to come to your facility or you would like us to pick up your equipment, we are the team to call when you need help keeping your meat and poultry production line clean and sanitary. These services not only protect your product but your employees and consumers as well. Our team is at the ready in emergencies. We can also get you set up with meat/poultry contract cleaning services to ensure your facility stays as healthy as possible without even worrying about scheduling services. Our cleaning team ensures your production lines and equipment have a longer life, thanks to our meat and poultry experience. We not only train them thoroughly when hired, but the training continues each year to stay up-to-date on materials, equipment, and recent changes to standards necessary for production.

FAQs About Meat and Poultry Contract Cleaning

Many of our customers have questions about our meat and poultry contract cleaning services, so our team came together to help get you some answers before reaching out to set up your initial consultation with our staff. If you have any other questions about how we can help you maintain your facility and keep it clean and sanitized, please feel free to reach out. Our staff is happy to help get you the answers you need!

What is Meat and Poultry Contract Cleaning?

When you run a meat and poultry processing plant, you must meet specific cleaning standards to help protect your employees, production, and customers. Fayette Industrial helps by getting you signed up with our meat and poultry contract cleaning services, so you won't have to worry about being unprepared for an inspection again. With these scheduled cleaning and sanitizing, you get the ultimate in professional equipment and processing line cleanliness. We eliminate the need for you to spend time and money training employees to not only meet your standards but those laid out by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Does Fayette Industrial offer emergency services?

We do! Although we hope to get you on a regular schedule to help with proper maintenance, cleaning, and sanitizing. This helps our staff get better familiarized with your equipment standards and prevents you from having to train your employees. When the need arises though, count on our staff to help your company in your hour of need. We can send 13 or 300 professional cleaners equipped with the industry's best tools and cleaning solutions. Whatever you need, we can provide with our meat and poultry cleaning services. Even if you are signed up for our meat and poultry contract cleaning services, we can still help in emergencies. Please don’t ever hesitate to call for help!

Does Fayette Industrial offer off-site cleaning?

We can help by removing your equipment from the facility and professionally clean it. Our team will dismantle the equipment piece by piece to get every inch of it thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Most companies will only offer a quick clean of the outside without removing the potentially dangerous materials inside the moving parts. We will then deliver it wholly restored to get your production running again in no time.

What possible diseases can spread with improper cleaning and sanitizing?

We are aware some diseases can spread to your employees and consumers, especially in the meat and poultry industry, which our diligent sanitization services prevent. The protection of your customers and employees is essential to us, which is why we offer these cleaning services and more. We understand the need to keep your production line running to stay in business and meet the demands of your customers. We work quickly either in your facility or with off-site maintenance to ensure clean processing of meat and poultry. Our meat and poultry contract cleaning services team safeguard your team and customers from contracting the below diseases:

  • E. coli from ground beef
  • BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis) from beef cattle
  • Trichinosis from pork
  • Salmonella from poultry
  • Scrapie from lamb and mutton

What areas of the meat and poultry production facility does Fayette Industrial clean?

Fayette Industrial is ready to clean and sanitize any and all spaces within your meat and poultry processing plant. Our staff is equipped with the industry's best cleaning materials and tools. No matter where you need our meat and poultry contract cleaning services, we can help. Your facility will meet all standards laid out by OSHA and the USDA. The following areas are previous areas we have cleaned in similar facilities. If you have other areas not listed below, please be sure to ask about them in your initial consultation. Understanding where and what needs cleaning will help us be as prepared as possible when visiting your production line:

  • Ready-to-eat (RTE) areas
  • Slaughter floors
  • Processing rooms
  • Smoke rooms
  • Coolers
  • Equipment and machinery

How can Fayette Industrial save my company money?

Of course, we can! Our staff comes trained and ready to offer meat and poultry contract cleaning services to maintain your facility and keep your production running within your budget. It can take a lot of time to train your own employees, which in turn causes you to spend more on training materials and classes. Rely on Fayette Industrial to quickly get your equipment cleaned to the highest standards of sanitation. Our rigorous training gets our cleaning teams ready to get to work upon arrival. We will also protect you from fines and potential shutdowns from agencies like the USDA. With our contracted cleanings, you won't even have to worry about scheduling our visits. We show up, ready to clean on our planned dates. We can also assist with any emergencies you have as well.

How many cleaners come to our facility to clean?

Our cleaning staff is prepared to offer our meat and poultry sanitation services all across the continental United States. While we are hosted in Somerville, TN, we can help companies in all these states meet the national standards for your equipment and facility. Whether you have a local production line and only need 13 cleaners, or you have a domestic-based meat and poultry processing plant which needs 300 cleaners, we have you covered. And when you schedule your meat and poultry contract cleaning services, we will layout the number of necessary cleaners.

What food safety standards do you train employees on?

Fayette Industrial ensures optimal local, state, and federal compliance within your food processing company through professional meat and poultry cleaning contracts provided by an experienced workforce. Our well-trained staff understands what it takes to run a food processing plant. We work our hardest to ensure you meet not only the requirements need to operate, but you give your customers confidence by exceeding those standards. All of our cleaners come equipped with adequate certifications and knowledge on best practices to get your facility and equipment as clean as possible. All industrial cleaners on our staff received training in all of the following:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)
  • Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP)

Why do I need professional meat and poultry contract cleaning services?

Having a professional meat and poultry processing plant means you also have a responsibility to get handle your product healthily and safely. This means you need to have the production line and other equipment regularly cleaned to stop the spread of dangerous diseases. These meat and poultry contract cleaning services from Fayette Industrial ensure your employees are protected as well while they work. Below are some of the other benefits your company will experience by hiring our professional staff, instead of trying to hire and train your own cleaners:

  • Minimize cross-contamination
  • Increase in machinery life
  • Provide an expectation of acceptable cleaning standards
  • Reduce the risk of distributing contaminated food products

Reach Out to Fayette Industrial Today for Cleaning Help

Reach out to our staff when you need meat and poultry production line and equipment cleaning—signing up with our contract cleaning services safeguards you from forgetting to get them and failing an inspection or potentially exposing staff and customers to diseases. We come out on the regular schedule but are also available for emergency cleaning services should they become necessary. Fayette Industrial is here to protect you and your company to keep the manufacturing and production of your company.

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