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  • 1Request a quote or plant evaluation via our online form, or by calling (877) 465-1523.
  • 2We’ll contact you to discuss your needs and schedule a visit of your facilities.
  • 3We’ll develop a plan to deploy our team to your location and complete the project requirements.

Emergency Response

Need help quickly? Our teams can be deployed in as little as 24 hours. Call us at (877) 465-1523 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I be sure Fayette Industrial has all the skills required to perform the technical cleaning of our complex food machinery?

    FI has a very experienced staff cleaning a variety of process and packaging food machinery. Our certified technicians provide planning and support for our sanitation services. Understanding your requirements and designing a program to meet these needs are important. Part of our process includes a thorough initial inspection of your facility as well as a pre-clean meeting just prior to the scheduled service to assure we are current with any changes that may need to be considered. Post cleanup meetings are conducted to review cleaning scores and assure consistency. Fayette is also able to provide assistance writing SSOP's or updating an existing master schedule.

  • Shutdown and startup timing is very critical to our business. How can I be sure FI will complete their service on time?

    Fayette Industrial will provide numerous current customers where we perform monthly scheduled cleanups with up to 300 of our associates as a reference to our consistent performance. We always try to have contingency options in the event we experience unforeseen problems. Remember, our goal is to operate as a partner keeping our customer informed of progress or problems during the service.

  • Our company has always performed sanitation cleaning on equipment with experienced production employees. Why should we consider using a contract company like FI to do this work?

    Our experience with current customers is they usually perform much of their sanitation cleaning during weekends or odd times requiring overtime pay as well demanding their employees work many extra hours resulting in unhappy employees performing not very productively. FI associates are proud of their skills and provide a very competitive alternative to using internal employees. Update Training and staying current with mandatory requirements is a top priority with FI.

  • Our Safety Manager is very uncomfortable about using contractors to clean equipment and processes which have dangerous rotating components. How do you assure keeping your employees safe?

    FI associates are trained in the use of lockout/tag out procedures. FI has a safety and standard operating procedures manual which we vigorously enforce with our associates. Our intent is to comply with all OSHA Standards and any customer regulations and our safety record reflects this commitment.

  • We sometimes require short notice sanitation service due to vacations or unplanned absenteeism. Can FI respond with very short notice?

    Quick response seems to be the nature of this business and FI has been able to always meet the needs of our customers. With our large pool of trained associates we can generally take care of emergencies and short notice service.

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