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Over the years we’ve worked with some of the largest food brands in the world, and our experience in food manufacturing has given us the ability to make the most effective use of labor, time management, and skills.

Fayette’s 15 years of providing food plant sanitation cleaning at a variety of food processing plants assures our associates, supervisors and managers have all the skills required to provide a worry free service at your plant.

Regular formal training and Quality Control procedures provide high quality service with documentation to assure good audit scores. HACCP trained staff knows where to focus on high risk areas reducing the opportunity of contaminated food surfaces. Fayette will provide a safe work environment with OSHA compliant lock/out tag/out procedures to fall protection equipment and procedures.

Fayette is a trusted provider of food plant sanitation solutions and have the references to assure you of a good experience. Contact us for a free evaluation and quote.

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